FEROBIDE™ weldable Tungsten Carbide

FEROBIDE: Weldable tungsten carbide available form CERadvance                                FEROBIDE Subsoiler wear patterns                                                                     FEROBIDE: Weldable tungsten carbide available form CERadvance

For the first time in South Africa, CERadvance is proud to be associated with FEROBIDE , by TENMAT. FEROBIDE™, unlike conventional Tungsten Carbide wear liners, is weldable using conventional welding techniques instead of brazing techniques. Brazing and subsequent annealing often softens the parent (carrier) steel, whilst the relatively short welding contact time required for conventional welding techniques limits such damage to hardened steel substrates.

Another huge benefit from using FEROBIDE, weldable Tungsten Carbide is the improved impact resistance. Since it is a composite cermet , it combines the ultra-hard wear properties of Tungsten Carbide with the impact resistance and weldability of steel. Benefits include:

Very high impact strength

Superior resistance to chipping

Abrasion resistance comparable to pure carbide

Corrosion resistant

Cut with standard tools

 FEROBIDE test comparison