Abrasion Resistant Ceramics

general-wear-parts-thumb.pngGENERAL WEAR PARTS nozzle-spigot.pngNOZZLES & SPIGOTS
Due to their strong bonds, crystalline oxide ceramics are extremely hard. On the MOH scale, their hardness is between 9 and 10, making it second only to diamond.Focus tubes, nozzles, venturis, bends and flow reducing orifices all have the same in common: Due to the nature of there functionality they are worn away more....
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The lining of intricate steel structures in the mining and minerals processing industries sometimes requires specialised shapes where standard rectangular tiles will not result in a quality installation finish. Pressed, Injection moulded or cast, LINE-OX® inlet heads, vortex finders and exit spigots result in optimal efficiency for a long period of time.
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line-ox-thumb.pngLINE-OX SF reducers-thumb.pngREDUCERS, BENDS, SPIGOTS
Patented and highly specified low friction liner. Combining the low friction coefficient of glass with the high wear resistance of Alumina ceramics...Up to 500 mm diameter discs and orifices and up to 300 mm diameter spigots and pipe reducers are monolythically cast or pressed for a wide range of slurry or ash...
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FEROBIDE weldable Tungsten CarbideWeldable Tungsten Carbide  Centering and Welding PinsCentering and Welding pins

CERadvance is the official representitive for TENMAT of a wide variety of engineering materials, first and foremost the weldable FEROBIDE Tungsten Carbide composite.

FEROBIDE is unique in that it not only has improved impact resistance to conventional Tungstan Carbide, but it is also weldable using conventional welding techniques.

CERadvance is the first South African ceramic manufacturer to produce ceramic centering and welding pins on South African soil.

Specialized materials and refined grinding and polishing techniques ensure the proper functioning of a wide range of centering and welding pins.

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