Target TilesHigh Temperature Refractories Ceramic boiler tube ferrulesCeramic Boiler Tube Ferrules and Stacker Support Spheres
CERadvance produces a wide range of sintered high temperature refractories for the Petro-chemical Industries, the minerals beneficiation and research industries, including target tiles in reformers, nozzles, structural supports and crucibles.A wide range of boiler tube ferrules and stacker supports are manufactured to customer specification or by in-house design including internationally patented and recognized LINE-OX® Hollow Spheres used to extend the life of thermo-reforming catalysts.
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Ceramic CruciblesCrucibles and laboratory ware Investment casting coresInvestment casting cores
CERadvance produces a wide range of sintered high temperature crucibles for quantitive anaylis, sinter trays, induction processes, tube furnaces and smelter operations. Materials include partially stabilized zirconia, alumina, mullite and fused silica.Complex inner geometries, or metals that have work-hardening properties often require ceramic cores for the investment casting process. CERadvance produces high quality injection moulded cores for investment casting to high engineering tolerances in Zircon-based, mullite reinforced and other materials on request. CERadvance's  feedstock is  prepared in-house at the Jet Park Factory. Casting cores can be mechanically removed by shotblasting, drilling or leaching processes, depending on the complexity of the cast component. 
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Internationally Patented anti-ruby formation LINE-OX Hollow SpheresLINE-OX® Hollow Spheres LINE-OX Stacker Support Spheres

LINE-OX stacker support spheres

CERadvance has developed the innovative and revolutionary LINE-OX Hollow Spheres for the control of premature catalyst clogging, leading to increased pressure drop over reformer beds in the high-temperature catalytic conversion in GTL plants. Ruby formation at very specific temperatures, process gas chemistry and pressure often leads to so-called ruby formation. Internationally patented LINE-OX® Hollow Spheres, used with great success since 2006 drastically increases the economic life expectancy of the catalyst bed.                                      

Corrugated LINE-OX stacker support spheres increase gas throughput by up to 25 % in GTL and other petro-chemical processes.



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