Specialized Engineered Ceramic Components

eng-ceramics-pic.pngSpecialized Engineered Ceramic Components are produced to simplify installation of wear tiles into a wide range of industrial applications. Traditionally so-called engineered sets are produced, typically for cyclone linings, chutes and launders. More often than not, certain critical areas in the lining are ignored or overseen untill such time as engineered sets are installed. At this stage installers may revert to costly "field-cutting" solutions which more often than not has a negative effect on installation quality and lining integrity.  CERadvance specializes in producing near-net-shaped and pre-engineered special components such as port liners, lip-tiles, corner tiles and vortex finder protection tiles to name but a few.

It is important to get in touch with CERadvance fairly early in the costing stage of a complex engineered tile installation project, in order for CERadvance to manufacture these specialized components custom-made for a specific project. By budgeting between 2 % and 5 % of the surface area  of any complex installation project at a slightly  higher rate (without greatly influencing the total installation cost), installers save on expensive field-cutting and improve chances of first-time customer acceptance due to the neat and quick installation. 

With LINE-OX® specialized, custom-made engineered ceramic components installation is seamless and quick. With three qualified ceramicists overlooking all stages from product design to manufacturing, CERadvance is perfectly positioned to press, machine or cast specialized components to installer, project-house or end-user specifications.