CERadvance introduces new product line: Ceramic centering and Welding pins.

Traditionally imported, ceramic centring and welding pins have been problematic to implement due to high costs and long delivery times by overseas manufacturers. Manufacturing the oxide ceramic parts in South Africa, CERadvance can now supply a wide range of Zirconia and Alumina pins at short lead times to the semi-automated and automated manufacturing industries. Zirconia, Alumina ( 99.5% ) and Silicon Carbide can be manufactured locally.

For some resistance welding applications, Silicon Nitride can also be offered, although partial value addition for this material is still done abroad ( billit production ). 

Ceramic locating and centering pins offer increased accuracy and life-span under harsh environments and have become a global norm for many automated and semi-automated welding and assembling lines.

South Africa is strategically also well positioned to supply ceramic centering and welding pins into Europe, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and the USA.

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