LINE-OX Hollow Spheres for…

LINE-OX Hollow Spheres for Catalyst Beds

CERadvance has developed the innovative and revolutionary LINE-OX® Hollow Spheres for the control of premature catalyst clogging, leading to increased pressure drop over reformer beds in the high-temperature catalytic conversion of fuels in GTL plants. Operation-specific temperatures, process gas chemistry and pressure often leads to so-called ruby formation. Internationally patent-pending LINE-OX® Hollow Spheres, used in GTL-plants with great success since 2006 drastically increases the economic life-expectancy of the catalyst bed, reducing down-time and catalyst consumption.   LINE-OX® Hollow Spheres rely one their unique design and surface chemistry to reduce pressure drop over the catalyst bed for longer. Speak to our qualified technologists to analyse your process and prescribe the right solution for your specific premature delta-P increase.