General Wear Parts

General Wear Parts

Due to their strong bonds, crystalline oxide ceramics are extremely hard. On the MOH scale, their hardness is between 9 and 10, making it second only to diamond. Due to the brittle nature of ultra-hard, crystalline ceramics, it is very important to use ceramic related design principles, as they differ somewhat from general engineering design principles. Typical products include scraper blades,ceramic pulley lagging tiles, orifices and ceramic screen elements.

Recommended materials
Alumina : 92 / 94 % 
Dry and wet slurry applications where corrosion is not expected.

Alumina : 96 %
Dry and wet applications where corrosion and erosion are expected, or where higher mechanical strength is required.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)
Specialized applications, where extreme wear and very high mechanical strength is required.

Zirconia (Zr02)
Applications with moderate wear, yet ultra-high mechanical strength requirements.