Refractories and boiler tube ferrules installation by CERadvance

CERadvance has completed a second very successful boiler tube-sheet lining in a gas-fired boiler in Pretoria. Unwanted shut-downs caused by tube leaks were a common occurrence before CERadvance designed and installed the hexagonal monolithic boiler tube ferrules to protect the tube sheet welding areas from fatigue due to thermal cycling and straining. CERadvance installed the closely packed LINE-OX® ferrules into the tubes and filled the remaining surface area with a suitable 1400 ° C rammable refractory material to a thickness of 100 mm. To allow for thermal expansion mismatches,  two layers of ceramic paper were placed between ferrules and tube sheet.

The first such  gas boiler installation was undertaken in 2014. Based on the early successes, the client requested a second boiler be converted and installation was done in February 2015.

CERadvance’s LINE-OX® range of boiler tube ferrules have been the product of choice for multiple local and international  customers in the Petro-Chemicals, Fertilizer and Paper& Pulp  industries for more than 15 years. CERadvance has been producing these parts for third party installers for many years before venturing into doing the installations in-house. This was in line with a vision to increase service levels to the company’s current customer base, as well as increasing it’s market share in this specialized market. For trade references, please contact Martin Beyers. 

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